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Oil Tank Locks   The position of the tank can have a significant effect on how hard a target it is in the eyes of the thief.

If the tank is close to the house, with one or more windows capable of giving a view of it, then the thief may consider the chances of being seen too high.

If the tank is close to a road, path, drive or alleyway, then it will be a far easier target.

Hiding the tank behind the garage, shed or some other type of outbuilding is fairly common place, but it does give the thief the advantage.

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Oil tank security and siting your oil tank    

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Not many oil tanks are works of art so who wants a tank in full view? While it may not be desirable, or legal, to have the tank close to the house, some sort of compromise location would be sensible. Of course this will not only be a major consideration when a new tank is to be installed, but may be necessary if the tank has been targeted before.

they do need to be within a reasonable distance of the road, otherwise the oil supply company may not be able to refill it for you.

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