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The use of CCTV as a crime prevention and a crime detection tool has grown massively in recent years.

It could play a part in the protection of oil tanks, but before you spend lots of money on equipment, make an assessment of your needs.

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Ask yourself:

1. What do I hope to achieve by using CCTV?
2. How much am I prepared to spend?
3. Is there a reasonable level of light where the cameras will be operating or do I need to think about using cameras with low light capability? (Most thefts take place at night).
4. What am I going to record the captured images on? Digital recording is best.
5. How am I going to provide the Police with any evidence I may capture?
The object of this whole leaflet has been to illustrate ways in which we can make it more difficult for a thief to steal heating oil. Nothing mentioned here will make it impossible for them to achieve their goal, but if some of the suggestions made are followed, it just may make a difference.

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