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Oil Tank Security   Defensive planting is nature's way of helping to reduce crime. Thieves will not wish to force their way through or over a prickly hedge.

The smallest trace of blood or shred of ripped clothing could help the Police identify the offender. Gloucestershire Crimestoppers produce a leaflet which shows the advantages of Defensive Planting and provides a list of shrubs suitable for this purpose.

These shrubs can, if planted around your tank, provide an effective and decorative thief proof barrier. If you would like a copy of this, contact your local Police Station or Crime Reduction Officer.

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Oil tank locks and defensive planting    

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  Securing your oil tank

Following on from the defensive planting tactic, fences and walls can also make life difficult for the thief.

A wooden or metal fence, trellis or wall can give significant protection to the tank but it must be remembered that the oil tanker driver will need access to fill the tank! A metal grill or cage with a lockable access point across the top of this wall or fence can further improve security.
Oil Tank locks and fencing    

    The wall or fence should be as close to the tank and as high as possible. Of course a trellis could also be decorated with defensive planting as illustrated above. Products have just become available which surrounds the existing storage tank with a metal enclosure.
Before tank fencing Ssecurity   After tank fencing security    
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