Oil tank locks, Float level gauge description

Unable to see your oil contents with your existing Sight Tube ,plastic sight tubes tend to discolour with the effects from sunlight and mildew .

Unable to push or pull the button on the bottom of your existing Sight Gauge, It can be quite costly in call outs when the indicator is faulty .

We have the answer 

- Basic old fashion Technology
- Easy To Fit  within minutes   


4 ft { 1.23m }  Product Code FG4E

-Suitable for Diesels fuels ,Heating Oil ,Lube oils or Water & B100

- This Gauge provides a simple rough indication of the tanks contents .
- Shows EMPTY ¼  ½  ¾  or Full .Accuracy +/-5 %{ Approx }

Mounts Directly into the top of the tank via 1 ½ BSPM thread .

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